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Aminophylline Cream for Removal of Cellulite

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Aminophylline Cream for Cellulite

Aminophylline was original a Bronchodilator used in the treatment of Asthma. But with its dehydrating and diuretic effect, Aminophylline cream have shown to be very effective in the removal of cellulite and body fat.

Aminophylline penetrate deeply into the skin where it attracts the fat cells to the spot we it is administered and then start to dissolve it, by dehydrating the fat cells.

So far this method has shown to be the most effective when it comes to fight off cellulite.

This treatment has shown to be very effective around women’s hips and thighs, places were cellulite normally occurs and where it is more difficult to get rid of the body fat.

Men can also get a lot of benefits with Aminophylline cream using it on the stomach as a fat cell reduction remedy.

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For sure healthy dieting and exercising plays a huge role as well, but the fat cells on those areas are the so called stubborn fat cells that are difficult to get rid of and usually the last place you would see results going on a conventional diet.


Does Aminophylline Really Work?

There are 2 different directions of belief when it comes to the effectiveness of Aminophylline.

One tend to believe that as a cream it is able to reduce body fat around those typical cellulite areas.

Another tend to believe that Aminophylline does not dissolve the fat cells and a fat reduction occurs, but are just “moving” that body fat to a less visible place where it will not be shown as cellulite.


No matter what the truth is, studies and user testimonials have shown a remarkable difference using Aminophylline cream on the cellulite problems areas.

But we also know that if you want the results you have to use the cream on a daily basis in order to keep it off.

If you stop using the cream the cellulite will very likely come back after a period.


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Can I Expect Any Results?

Using Aminophylline cream you will see some good results. But it is important to stress out, that it is not a miracle cream that will remove your cellulite forever.

It is unrealistic to believe that Aminophylline cream can have a directly impact on your weight loss.

This has still something to do with how effective your body burns body fat and how you can reduce your fat and carbohydrate intake optimal.

So the best you can do is not only to rely on this cream, but also keep a healthy diet including workouts so you fight of your cellulite with different methods.


Procellix Aminophylline Cream

There are a couple of creams on the market containing Aminophylline.

The best one to use is Procellix because it also contains a lot of other ingredients that will aid you in the removal off cellulite, but also will help you keep your skin nice and healthy by adding a good amount of antioxidants, vitamins and protection against pollution and free radicals that will destroy skin cells and tissues.

One of these ingredients is Aloe Bardensis Gel that enhances a proteolytic enzyme action in your skin and will create a natural process of cell division that will rejuvenates and rebuild new more healthy skin tissue. This is another important features because one thing is that you reduce the cellulite but it is also important you rebuild damaged skin on those areas.

You can learn more about Procellix in our reviews here.

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